Textile machinery and accessories for SPINNING


Belgium / Japan offers: aprons (closed and open), cots, pressure cylinders for spinning machines, texturing machine belts (aprons), friction discs, belts for the paper industry;


Italy offers: card clothing (metallic and flexible), flexible card clothing and plates for raising machine, cleaning brushes, dividing belts condenser, rubbing pantaloons, round belts for selfactor, needles and duves for openers;

Italy offers: spinning cans, aluminum containers for spinning, aluminum containers for hospitals;


 Scotland offers: rings and travelers on steel and plastic for spinning machines;

 France offers: V-belts, toothed belts, tangential belts, ceramic and steel wire guides, spare parts for ICBT texturing machines;


 France offers: Vario bars for PB and SAN horizontal combing machines, spare parts for spinning machines;


England offers: support bars, needle bars for all types of rolling mills;




Italy offers: circular and straight brushes for all types of combing machines;


Italy offers: roller, roller cover for cylinders;


Italy offers: spare parts for various spinning machines;


Italy offers: spindle drive belts, tangential spindle belts;



Portugal offers: Vulkolan sleeves for combing machines;

Italy offers: cylinder coatings with rubber, polyurethane, carbon fiber, spiral cylinder coatings for various industries;


England offers: textile oils and lubricants;



Germany offers: industrial vacuum cleaners for the textile industry;

India offers: spinning machine cylinder cleaning equipment, rubber cylinder grinding equipment, cylinder eccentricity testers; equipment for inserting and removing aluminum rings from spinning machine sleeves; RIETER representative;



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